The Life of a Fork

For this web assignment, I had to focus on one specific object and take pictures of it in different settings. I loved this idea because I enjoy taking pictures, so it didn’t feel much like an assignment, but I struggled to find an object to focus on!

I finally settled on a fork. I thought it was funny, random….whimsical? I don’t know, just funny. So I grabbed a fork from the kitchen and started snapping away in any place I thought was funny while my fiancé stood in the background questioning why she is with me. 🙂 HAHA!

I wanted to focus on the things I interacted with on a daily basis. Everything that I usually use or go to, I wanted it to transfer to the fork. So, naturally, the first pictures I took were of my pets and the fork. From there, I just went through my day and stuck the fork in my back pocket, with my camera slung on my arm. It was a pretty great day!

Below you’ll find the life of this fork. I edited all my photos through Adobe lightroom, my usual destination for photos. Hope you enjoy!


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