Guess The Gif Story!

I thought it would be fun to try my hand at this assignment, where we have to make a story out of gifs that we found!

I decided to try out my favorite story of all time. I used this gif website in order to find a large database of gifs to use. It was funny seeing how it pieced all together and trying to figure out which gif to use to get the general idea of how that part in the story went.

Heres the story! Hope you’re able to guess it 😉

We’re you able to guess it?!?! I hope so, its a pretty well known legend turned-disney movie. I love that Disney adapted it into a great, happily ever after, even though the actual story is pretty morbid. XD

Overall it was pretty fun piecing it all together and flashing back to the movie to see in which order the events went. I love classic tales!


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