A Day In the Life….

For this 5 star assignment, I made a movie that took my two weeks to finish, haha.

I know, that sounds like a lot. What the heck!!!

But I saw this assignment last week, and I knew that it took way too much time and effort to do in just one week. It was only perfect that we had two weeks of video assignments, so I just did most of the filming last week, and all the editing this week. Piece of cake, right? (well, not really.)

So the assignment asks that you show bits and pieces of your day, complete with time stamps, speeding things up, background music, etc. AND it had to all be under 10 minutes. Now that was hard. Once I completed filming, I had to compile all my videos and tried to see what was worth showing and what wasn’t. I realized that when I picked what was worth showing, it all had to do with my animals and less of me. But that’s okay, artists choice. 🙂 I just like showcasing those babies. AND I got it all under 6 minutes!! Whoop whoop!

I used iMovie, which I realized has tons of awesome features, and it has a whole library of songs to use and cool animation, along with easy to use titles and headings. Clipping things, making volume louder, inserting time stamps was pretty easy after a while. I think it was actually pretty fun, and im really proud of what I made. 🙂 Tell me what you think below!


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